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Literature & Fiction For Dogs

Looking for some interesting james herriotts dog stories to read to your dog? We have all the books finally! These shepherd's historian stories from james herriot take a look at the events that led to the first sheltie, john, becoming a poodle, and more. If you're interested in dog reading, this is the item you want to check out!

Of War By Frederick Forsyth/1st Ed/hcdj/literature & Fiction

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This book is for dogs of all ages. It is a very easy book to read, but it is still full of information about the exciting world of dogs. This book is perfect for dogs who are looking for information about the world around them.
this is a great book for dogs who like to read. Clifford the big red dog is a real life character from "the catcher in the rye". He is very smart and you will be drawn to him because of his famous saying "the lesson of my life is the less I learn". This book is full of holden caulfield, a young man who is turned away from all world because of hisinstalled "the catcher in the rye".
once upon a time there was a city in quebec city known as old quebec city. It was a great city with many industries and a great atmosphere. The city was full of life and health was perfect for dogs. There was a great dog park next to the city hall and many other businesses. The dog park was a great place for dogs to play and there was a beautiful river running through the city.
one day a new city was founded in its place. The new city was great and had many industries. The city was great for businesses and it was perfect for dogs.
one day, a dog named golden dog came to live in the city. He loved to play in the dog park and the river. He loved to look around and see the wonderful things that the city had to offer. He loved to go to the park and play with his friends. Golden dog loved his life in old quebec city and he loved his dogs in the city.